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Added experiment description of the 3D Gaussian hill test case.

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......@@ -4,4 +4,12 @@ The synthetic topography was sampled first and then meshed through EDGEcut as an
The velocity is homogeneous.
The sources is a double-couple point source (Ricker) at the origin.
## Finite Difference Experiment Description
The file `fd_experiments.pdf` provides a description of the test case.
EDGE's solution (DG) is compared to a regular Finite Difference (FD) solver.
Note, that the description is written from the viewpoint of the FD solver.
Specifics on the time step and mesh spacing do not apply to EDGE's configuration.
EDGE's setup for the mesh spacing is available from the surface and volume meshing configs.
The time step is available from the job-log.
* Contact: Alex Breuer
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