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Added documentation on Frontera builds.

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......@@ -3,4 +3,53 @@ La Habra
This directory contains the La Habra setting of SCEC's High-F project:
The verification benchmark uses frequency-independent Q, a planar free surface, kinematic sources, and the velocity model CVM-S4.26.M01.
Commands used for the Gmsh and EDGE-V builds (meshing) and EDGE (solver) build on `Frontera <>`_:
.. code-block: bash
git lfs clone --exclude=*
cd edge_opt
git lfs fetch -I bench/seismic/wp/la_habra/
git lfs checkout bench/seismic/wp/la_habra/
cd bench/seismic/wp/la_habra/
git clone
cd edge
git checkout develop
git submodule init
git submodule update
cd submodules/moab/
git apply ../../../meshes/volume/moab_int32.patch
cd ../..
module load intel/18.0.5
module load gcc/9.1.0
module load impi/18.0.5
module load mkl
./tools/build/deps/ -o $(pwd)/deps -l "'-Wl,-L${MKLROOT}/lib/intel64;-lmkl_intel_lp64;-lmkl_core;-lmkl_gnu_thread;-lpthread'" -j 16
./tools/build/deps/ -o $(pwd)/deps -j 16
./tools/build/deps/ -z $(pwd)/deps -o $(pwd)/deps -j 16
./tools/build/deps/ -o $(pwd)/deps -j 16
./tools/build/deps/ -z $(pwd)/deps -5 $(pwd)/deps -e $(pwd)/submodules/eigen -m $(pwd)/deps -i $(pwd)/submodules/moab -o $(pwd)/deps -j 16
./tools/build/deps/ -i $(pwd)/submodules/libxsmm -o $(pwd)/deps -j 16
git clone
git checkout v19.4.2
cd largefiles
# CVM-S4.26 and CVM-H
bash -c "printf \"no\nno\nno\nno\nno\nyes\nno\nyes\n\" | ./"
cd ..
# CVM-S4.26 and CVM-H
bash -c "printf \"$(pwd)/../deps/ucvm\nyes\nyes\n\" | python2 ./"
cd ../tools/edge_v
/work/02529/breuera/frontera/software/bin/scons parallel=omp zlib=../../deps hdf5=../../deps moab=../../deps metis=../../deps ucvm=../../deps/ucvm install_dir=../../deps -j16
cd ../..
CXX=mpicxx /work/02529/breuera/frontera/software/bin/scons equations=viscoelastic3 order=5 arch=skx parallel=mpi+omp xsmm=deps zlib=deps hdf5=deps moab=deps edge_v=deps
* Contact: Alexander Breuer
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