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Added raw and analyzed simulation data of the 2D San Jacinto test case.

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# Two-dimensional San Jacinto test case
This directory contains input and output for a San Jacinto setup in two dimensions.
## Setup
The mesh samples the surface topography of Mt. San Jacinto in an 45 degree angle: Southwest to northeast direction.
Origin (0,0) of the setup is sealevel right below the peak.
Source is an explosive point source below the peak at (0, -1000m).
The source configuration is identical to the two-dimensional Gaussian Hill Canyon benchmark.
## Lessons Learned
The 32bit runs show oscillations in the shear stress component and velocities of the pure acoustic solver.
Using 64bit precision, these are visible along the wave fronts, but negligible (1E-12 for the shear stress).
The elastic solver doesn't show unexpected behavior in 32bit precision.
The current acoustic implementation adjusts the elastic flux solver in face-aligned coordinates, since there is no standalone acoustic implementation.
Presumably the 32bit acoustic solver "misinterprets" sound waves for shear waves, where shear stresses might leak from the rotations.
* Contact: Alex Breuer
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To the extent possible under law, [Alexander Nikolas Breuer]( has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the following work:
* `sanjacinto_2d_hom_acoustic_30.tar.bz2`
* `sanjacinto_2d_hom_acoustic_40.tar.bz2`
* `sanjacinto_2d_hom_acoustic_50.tar.bz2`
* `sanjacinto_2d_hom_acoustic_75.tar.bz2`
* `sanjacinto_2d_hom_acoustic_100.tar.bz2`
* `sanjacinto_2d_hom_acoustic_200.tar.bz2`
* `sanjacinto_2d_hom_acoustic_300.tar.bz2`
This work is published from: United States.
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